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Freelance Photography Rates

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Positive Image Photography provides a wide variety of photography services. 

Basic Freelance Photography Rates

Day Rate (8 Hours) $1,000

1/2 Day Rate

Hourly Rate $150
Minimum (Show up cost) $200
Digital Image contact sheets (24 or 30 images per page) $20
Prints or Scanning Images See Price Lists Below
All Expenses Paid by Client Actual Costs
Mileage (over 25 miles from Charleston) Federal Tax Amount
Travel time $600 per day plus expenses

Aerial Photography is double the hourly rate plus the actual aircraft and pilot expenses. Determine other costs from the price lists. Positive Image Photography retains the right to accept the aircraft and pilot provided.

All photographic reproduction rights remain with the photographer Steven Wayne Rotsch and Positive Image Photography.  One-time printing or publishing rights will be negotiated  for editorial use, which means a one-time printing run and does not pertain to images used in advertising or any other purpose.  

Double all prices if you want to share unlimited publication rights with the photographer. In-house publications are the exception, with unlimited publication rights granted for in-house editorial uses, such as corporate or governmental publications.  Rights for images used for advertising or any other purpose will be negotiated. 

Unlimited web publishing rights are granted for all images used as a JPG or GIF file sized under 50KB, with credit to Steven Wayne Rotsch and with a link Positive Image Photography.  

All rights are negotiable.   But all photographs on this website are the property of  (C) 2006, Steven Wayne Rotsch and Positive Image Photography.

Use this form to reserve a photographer for your event.


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Freelance Print Price List

Paper Size

Image Size Photograph only Mat and Photograph
1    4x6 archival 4x6



2        5x8 or 5x7 varies with crop $15 $40 with 8x10 mat
3              8x10 varies with crop $30 $80 with 11x14 mat
           8.5 x 11 varies with crop $35 $80 with 11x14 mat
4      11.7 x 16.5 varies with crop $70 $120 with 16x20 mat
5            13 x 19 varies with crop $100 $200 with 20x26 mat
6            16 x 20 varies with crop $150 $300 with 24x30 mat
7            20 x 30 varies with crop $200 $400 with 30x40 mat

Link to :   Print Package List

Prints up to 44" by 50 feet are available.

Prints 24"  to 44" wide x 50 feet long are $45 per square foot. Murals are also available. 

35mm Film Scan Price List 

for 4000 DPI, Digital Ice Cubed, Scans

1-5 images:         $7.00 per scan      All files are saved either as a Jpeg (default) or Tiff (if requested)  file and  burned on a CDR.  Images can be emailed upon request.

6-25 images:        $4.00 per slide.     $5.50 per negative.

26-50 images:      $3.00 per slide.     $4.50 per negative.

50-100 images:     $2.00 per slide.    $3.50 per negative.

101+ images:        $1.00 per slide.    $3.00 per negative.

1001+ images:        $.50 per slide.    


Full frame scans are approximately 58-65 megabyte files, which translates to an 11 x 17 inch, 300 dpi image. Images scanned for the web are typically about 50 Kb or less saved as JPG-5 files. For large quantities of scans I only work with the JPG format.

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